Investment Philosophy

I utilize an investment philosophy that focuses on the direct ownership of equity securities in order to drive long-term capital appreciation. Through an experienced in-house equity team, we conduct our own independent analysis of companies and their financial prospects.

By being consistent and disciplined, my process is designed to own a core portfolio of high quality companies that generate strong free cash flow and have substantial revenue growth. I believe in a two pronged approach when evaluating equities – Each investment is based on a thorough fundamental analysis of the underlying business and its financial statements. But fundamentals are not enough. Technical analysis provides color to an otherwise black and white world of balance sheets and income statements. I invest in companies across multiple sectors and industries while seeking the most favorable conditions for successful opportunities. This improves the probabilities of stronger returns across market cycles.

My only goal is to grow and protect your assets by offering conflict free and transparent investment advice. That’s why I have designed our client experience to be highly collaborative, with portfolios customized to your risk tolerances and long-term financial goals.